The best makeup products for a natural look (1/10)

Want to enhance your natural beauty, without overpowering it? Prefer the feel of makeup-free skin? Get gorgeous the subtle way with these makeup picks for women who don't like makeup

natural beauty

Go natural

Whether it’s because you don’t know how, dislike the feel of it on your skin or just prefer a bare-faced look, if you’re in the No-Makeup Club, you’re wary of beauty products. But don’t worry—you can get a natural-looking, natural-feeling look while still enhancing your natural beauty. Here are some products to try.

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Debate: Does this restaurant promote obesity with its 9-pound breakfast?

A diner in Great Yarmouth, England is under fire for challenging customers to eat a 6,000-calorie breakfast.The Kidz Breakfast, as it’s called, reportedly weighs 9-pounds, and includes 12 pieces of bacon, 12 pieces of sausage, six eggs, as well as 12 slices of bread.According to the BBC, Jesters Diner, where the breakfast is served, will […]