The Hair Halo is the Easiest Way to Refresh Your Hair Colour (1/5)

Refresh your locks with face-framing highlights that instantly brighten. Here's how to DIY the hair halo

Julia-Robertsby-Tom-Munro_2Julia Roberts by Tom Munro

Looking for a fresh and fun way to update your tresses? Try the DIY hair halo: It’s all about framing the hair around your face with a lighter colour for instant brightening.

The best part? “It’s easy to do at home,” says James Corbett, colour director for Clairol, who has worked with celebs like Christina Hendricks. You can combine this look with your usual at-home colour or even salon highlights.

Here’s how: Choose a few pieces of hair around your face and paint them with a highlighting kit that’s within two to three shades of your all-over colour. “If you’re a light brown shade, go with dark or medium blonde in the front,” says Corbett. “The key to successful highlighting at home is to realize that less is more.”

Since highlighting removes pigment in your hair while lightening it, he suggests using a semi-permanent glossing treatment as a toner afterward to help blend the colour and zap brassiness. And always treat coloured hair to a conditioning mask for 30 minutes once a week to help keep your shade looking fresh. “Healthy hair that’s not overly porous always holds colour better,” says Corbett. “You can apply a treatment at the gym in the steam room, which will help open up your hair cuticle.”

Click through for at-home hair products that can help you achieve the look!

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