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How to Get Rid of Sun Damage for Good

A dermatologist-recommended medical skin care line gave this woman the opportunity for her skin to start fresh after years of not using enough SPF.

The 4 worst foods you can eat

Improve your diet by limiting your consumption of four of the worst foods you can eat

What’s your biological age?

I just did the Vitality Compass quiz from the University of Minnesota (UofM) School of Public Health, and determined that my biological age is six years younger than my actual age (and no, I won’t be revealing the latter). The calculator also suggests that I’ll live to 90. But, I could live an additional 5.8 […]

Debate: Should people with HIV have to disclose their condition to sexual partners?

Since 1998, it’s been a crime to withhold an HIV-positive status from sexual partners. Today, however, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that people with low levels of HIV who use condoms don’t need to share their status before sex. While it may seem shocking given the long-standing stigma of HIV, advances in modern medicine […]

Your basic maternity wardrobe

While pregnancy is a great opportunity to purchase a new wardrobe, it’s wise to cut corners where you can. For one thing, your maternity clothes may never be worn again after the birth of your child. Here are some great ideas for dressing well’and on a budget.