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rosie maclennan

Are You Limiting Yourself? This Olympian Says To “Have A Lot Of Goals”

Canadian gymnast Rosie MacLennan knows a thing or two about crushing goals. She tells us about how she recent goal and how you can too!

athleisure for women Nike Sportswear Modern Womens Hoodie

10 Athleisure Pieces That Are Anything But Lazy

Athleisure has gotten a bad rap for being too lax, too cazh. But the secret to looking stylish while staying comfy starts with a few edgy pieces.

What’s inside your colon

Find out what common colon diseases look like with this tour through the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada’s giant colon

Entertainment: What to read, watch and listen to on the Canada Day long weekend

If you haven’t checked out the Made in Canada collection on iTunes yet, the Canada Day long weekend is the perfect time to do it. If it’s rainy where you are (like it is in Toronto) curl up inside with a blanket at your cottage or apartment. If it’s sunny, get outside on the dock […]

Lemony Rainbow Chard with Dried Cranberries

Rainbow chard always looks good on a holiday spread, plus, it has 30 percent of your vitamin A needs.