May beauty essentials: This month’s best buys (1/5)

Now that spring is officially here, it's time to overhaul your beauty routine and make room for these new essentials

Custom masks

The latest in skin-saving cloth masks? Specialized “parts” treatments that let you target problem areas between full-face applications. Your Friday night wine and Facebook routine just got extra-productive.

1. Don’t let your oft-neglected neck area be a tattle-tale of age. Treat it regularly with a boost of hydrating and firming ingredients, such as amino acids and wheat proteins. Rodial Glamtox Neck Mask, $65 (Pack of 8)

2. The hyaluronic acid and collagen in this unique, gel-based lip mask nourishes even the driest of pouts, leaving them smooth, soft and primed for your favourite matte lip colour. The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex Bebe Lip Mask, $2.

3. These handy patches leave undereye areas feeling refreshed and looking smoother and tighter thanks to photo-collagen and ginkgo and cucumber extracts. Look Beauty Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches, $10, for 5.

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