8 healthy beauty resolutions (1/8)

This year, resolve to treat yourself right, from the inside out. Here are eight simple beauty resolutions that will also make you healthier

hydrate drink water

Drink less alcohol (and more water)

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, says excessive alcohol consumption—more than one or two drinks a day—puts strain on the liver, and that can result in dilated pores, dilated and broken capillaries, as well as the overgrowth of sweat and oil glands.

Unfortunately, this occurs most often in the face (particularly the nose), though other areas of the skin are vulnerable, too. But he still believes in the health benefits of red wine, and says one glass a day will not harm the skin—unless you suffer from rosacea. A survey by the National Rosacea Society in the U.S. found that 76 percent of sufferers cited red wine as a trigger for flare-ups.

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