12 New Beauty Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now (1/12)

These genius new beauty tools will have you wondering, ‘why didn’t I think of that!’

The-Knot-DrThe Knot Dr

The Knot Dr.

The best thing since tangle-free shampoo: This high-tech, heat-resistant brush with elongated bristles will painlessly wrestle your wet or dry tangles.

The Knot Dr. PhD Hybrid Styler, $24 at beautyboutique.ca

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Soccer Stories: In defense of diving

 While Andres Iniesta’s lone-goal last Sunday, securing Spain as World Cup campions, was a huge accomplishment, many impartial fans (and the Dutch, too) couldn’t help but get frustrated with his ‘diving.’Diving (or ‘simulation’ as it’s called by the FIFA) is when a player is overdramatic about a play, so that it looks as if they’re injured […]


Superfood Chocolate Goji Pudding

Nothing is more delicious than smooth rich chocolate!  This pudding is so amazingly satisfying and will make you beautiful, inside and out.  The healthy fats from the avocado are very nourishing, and this pudding is jam-packed with antioxidants thanks to the cacao powder and goji berries. If you’ve got any superfood powders around, feel free to add them to this recipe’there’s enough sweet flavours that you’ll never know you’ve hidden an amazingly powerful green detoxer like spirulina, or a hormone-balancer like maca powder.  Special tip for winter: add some cayenne pepper.  The spice actually helps improve your circulation, i.e., can help warm up your fingers and toes!  

Chicken and blue cheese gratin

A layered bake of sliced potatoes, celeriac and leeks with chicken, topped with cheese, makes a perfect dish for an autumn day. Serve with a tomato and green bean salad and some chunks of crusty bread.


Very Veggie Omelette

This tasty omelette, packed with veggies, is a great wake-up call on any morning.


News: Obesity may actually be a good thing for heart failure patients: study

If you thought obesity and a greater waist circumference raised your risk of heart disease, you’re right, but if you’re already in heart failure those same factors could actually work in your favour.A UCLA study published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that in both men and women with advanced heart failure, obesity and […]