17 unusual weight-loss tips (18/18)

Every culture has its secrets for helping people stay slim. Here are 17 unusual weight-loss tips from around the world

red tea

South Africa: Drink rooibos tea

Enjoyed throughout the country, rooibos tea is more robust than green tea, and it’s naturally sweet. Swapping your specialty coffee for rooibos tea or any hot drink without cream or sugar could save you thousands ?of calories a month. “Liquid calories sneak up on us,” says Toronto dietitian Sue Mah. “Even a cup of fruit juice has over 100 calories. Cut out 100 calories a day from food or drinks and you could lose 10 pounds in one year.”

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Quebec events

Find health events across the province, including the 5th Annual Scotiabank Montreal 21K & 5K to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and 13th Annual MS Golf Challenge

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