6 healthy smoothie add-ins

Boost the health quotient of your smoothies with these healthy bonus ingredients


Sweet, sweet smoothies

Everyone loves a good smoothie, and they’re so easy to make, too. A banana, some fruit, something creamy-be it milk or yogurt or a non-dairy milk-and you’re good to go, right?

Well, not so fast. A basic smoothie is a healthy snack, but the right add-ins can make any smoothie recipe a nutritional powerhouse. Try these suggestions to add flavour and bonus nutrients, too.

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These oven-baked beans are cooked slowly to create a richly flavoured vegetable dish’a revelation if you’ve only ever eaten the canned variety. Serve Boston baked beans alongside grilled meat, together with potatoes or bread.


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Weight-loss bonus: Deliciously thick and creamy Greek yogurt contains about twice the hunger-quelling protein as traditional yogurt. To cut back on calories, select plain and add vanilla extract or other flavouring.


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