Post-Workout Smoothie

The right post-exercise food choices can make all the difference between getting stronger and getting tired. This smoothie packs the protein your body needs to recover.

Readers Digest magazine, January 2013


1 scoop (1 oz/28 g) whey protein powder
3 tbsp (45 mL) natural peanut butter
1 small banana
2 tbsp (25 mL) chia seeds
2 cups (500 mL) skim or almond milk
1/4sp (1 mL) vanilla extract


Blitz ingredients in a blender or food processor, or with a hand blender, until smooth.


Per Serving: 233 calories, 22 g carbs, 2 g fat, 18 g protein, 3 g fibre, 135 mg sodium

Photo: Tango Photographie


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Post-Workout Smoothie
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Post-Workout Smoothie
Print Recipe

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