7 South American superfoods

Get healthier and explore new flavours with these nutritious superfood picks from Latin America

5. Maca

5. Maca

Another plant from the Peruvian highlands, maca’s root is harvested for its nourishing properties and said to increase energy and fight fatigue. Maca is an adaptogen, according to Canadian athlete Brendan Brazier, author of cookbook Whole Foods to Thrive; he says maca helps the adrenal glands regenerate, thereby combating the negative effects of stress on the body and even helping you sleep better.

Good to know: Maca is sold in powdered form; Brazier recommends choosing the gelatinized form as it’s easier to digest, dissolves more easily and has a better taste.

Try it in:?
Superfood Energizing Smoothie from Toronto-based nutritionist Joy McCarthy
Cacao and Maca Milkshake

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