The 5 worst salads in Canada (1/6)

Sometimes a fast-food salad isn't a wise choice if you're looking for a healthy meal. Here are five high-calorie menu choices that are sure to bust your diet

unhealthy fried chicken salad

High-calorie meals in disguise

Perhaps you’ve been selecting salads off your local fast-food restaurant’s menu thinking that you’re making the healthier choice. Well, think again.

If you’re selecting a salad topped with all of those yummy, but high-calorie and fat-rich extras such as bacon bits, full-fat cheese, full-fat dressing, fried noodles, nuts and more, it might be better for your health to order a burger. Find out which are the worst salads in Canada.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


Oil-free Agave Mustard

Use this mustard as a sauce to dress salads or marinate meats’or tofu. This condiment packs plenty of flavour and virtually no fat


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