Produce with the highest pesticide levels (1/8)

If you want to ensure there are no pesticides on your produce, consider buying these fruits and veggies organic


Are all fruits and veggies equally healthy?

“Very little data about the pesticide loading of fruits and vegetables in Canada has been published,” says Andrew Hammermesiter, director of the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada.  However, he says “the Canadian Food Inspection Agency did conduct an assessment of Canadian Fruits and Vegetables in 2009-2010.”

While most of the fruits and vegetables tested fell under provincial regulations, roughly 25 to 50 percent of them still contained detectable levels of pesticides.

Less than one percent of the fruits and vegetables tested exceeded Maximum Residue Limits. However, as Hammermeister explains, the point of organic agriculture is to avoid the risk entirely.

“In organic agriculture, we take a precautionary approach,” he says. “Which means that we avoid using a practice that could intuitively be deemed to be a risk even if scientific evidence does not or cannot validate the risk.”

Want to reduce your risk too? Here are the most important fruits and veggies to buy organic.

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