Our Best Healthy Cranberry Recipes (1/11)

Not only are cranberries delicious, they're also packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. Add them to your diet with these yummy recipes

Healthy Broccoli, Cranberry & Almond Salad

Broccoli, Cranberry & Almond Salad

Usually this dish would contain mayo but this one uses low-fat yogurt instead. Even the kids will love this salad’s sweet taste!

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Private: Our best healthy cranberry recipes

Not only are cranberries delicious, they're also packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. Add them to your diet with these yummy recipes

Our best healthy cranberry recipes

Healthy Broccoli, Cranberry and Almond Salad

I like to blanch the broccoli for this recipe to remove a bit of the crunch ‘just plunge the florets into boiling water’but you can use raw broccoli ‘if you prefer. Usually this dish would contain mayo but I’ve used low-fat yogurt instead. Even the kids will love this salad’s sweet taste!

Apple Cranberry Sangria

To make this apple cranberry sangria recipe truly local, make sure to adapt the ingredients depending on what is available in your area.

Cranberry Semifreddo with Toasted Almond Meringue

This almond-based dessert consists of 3 layers’a cranberry semifreddo, cranberry sorbet and crunchy toasted almond meringue.

Mulled Cider and Cranberry

Both apples and cranberries are at their best in the fall. This recipe brings together these two great autumn flavours to make a delicious warm drink.

Brown and Wild Rice, Walnut and Dried Cranberry Salad

This festive brown and wild rice salad boasts sweet cranberries, heart-healthy walnuts and a splash of citrus flavour. Most of the salad can be prepared ahead of time’ just add the chopped vegetables right before serving.

Open-faced Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Almond Sauce

Make your own homemade cranberry sauce this season and use a handful of almonds to enhance your main course or add crunch to those challenging leftovers! Pair our tangy almond-cranberry sauce with sliced turkey for a quick and tasty sandwich that’s sure to satisfy.

Cranberry-Raspberry Smoothie

A morning smoothie is a great way to get a serving of important fertility foods like calcium-rich yogurt and orange juice, which is a good source of folate.

Orange Cranberry Torte

This scrumptious holiday treat is the perfect way to end your festive meal. Antioxidant-packed cranberries and omega-3-rich walnuts give this dessert a healthy kick.

Apple and Cranberry Cake Topped with Hazelnuts and Pecans

This moist apple cake is ideal for brunch or as a snack. Granny Smith apples are a perfect choice for this recipe because they resist well to baking and are succulent with cranberries. Golden apples are also a good substitute.

Goat’s Cheese and Cranberry Strudel

An impressive centrepiece for a festive vegetarian meal, this crisp phyllo pastry ring is filled with mushrooms, hazelnuts, vivid, tart cranberries and cubes of tangy goat’s cheese. Serve with cranberry sauce and a mixed leaf salad.

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