How to Eat Greek: Our 7-Day Mediterranean Meal Plan (1/8)

Go Greek – for a week, at least – with our Mediterranean meal plan


7-Day Mediterranean Meal Plan

Although much touted lately, the Mediterranean diet is nothing new. In fact, it dates back to the 1950s, when American doctor Ancel Keys began a decades-long study comparing eating patterns and heart health in seven different nations. He discovered that the noshing native to people living in Greece, Italy, Spain and certain neighbouring countries provided the most protection against heart disease – and so, the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on produce, whole grains, nuts, fish and olive oil, was born. More than six decades later health experts are still singing its praises.

“The Mediterranean diet is protective over almost every chronic disease that afflicts North Americans,” says dietitian Rosie Schwartz. “There are benefits for diabetes, heart health and cancer, and the research also shows that the Mediterranean diet is associated with longevity.” Plus, new research supporting its healthy effects is popping up all the time. A study published last September even showed that the Mediterranean diet may reduce breast cancer risk.

Read on for seven days’ worth of dietitian-approved healthy eating tips that will get you on the Mediterranean diet track.

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