Canada’s worst fast-food meals (1/7)

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean swearing off fast-food altogether. Find out which fast-food meals you should avoid and which ones to choose instead

fast-food burger fries

The fast-food dilemma

Maybe you’re hitting the road with friends and a mid-road trip McDonald’s craving hits. Or your kids are begging you to get ice cream at Dairy Queen. Should you splurge and get that Double Big Mac? (After all, you’ve been living on salads all week…) Wouldn’t tucking into a Blizzard just taste so yummy right about now?

Of course it would. But these dishes come at a hefty price—namely a high-calorie, high-fat, high-everything price tag. So next time you’re faced with a fast-food situation, avoid these options, which are some of Canada’s worst fast-food meals. (Brace yourself for the numbers!) Instead, choose one of our better meal picks when your next hunger hankering hits.

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