8 tips for eating healthily at restaurants

Sticking to a healthy diet doesn't mean you have to avoid dining out. Here are eight tips for eating healthy at a restaurant

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Dining out the healthy way

Whether you’re sitting down to a quick brunch or a multi-course dinner at a restaurant, navigating the menu can be a challenge-especially if you’re trying to eat healthy. But with a few dining-out secrets, you don’t have to miss out on a meal at your favourite spot.

“Sometimes people avoid restaurants when they’re watching their weight and that doesn’t need to happen,” says Rose Reisman, a nutritional consultant and author of Rose Reisman’s Family Favourites, who developed a healthy eating menu for the Pickle Barrel chain of restaurants in Ontario. “You should be able to eat out every day and still be able to watch your weight.” Read on to find out how to dine out with your health in mind.

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