8 cruciferous vegetables and how to love them

Cabbage, kale and their cruciferous cousins are among the healthiest things you can eat'and cooked right, they taste delicious, too. Try one of our recipe suggestions to get more of these nutrient-packed vegetables in your diet


Meet the cruciferous family

Can’t stand kale? Cabbage conjure up memories of stinky kitchens? Indeed, these are just two of the less sexy members of the vegetable family. But incorporating these and other cruciferous vegetables (broccoli is one, too) into your diet offers many health benefits.

Cruciferous vegetables belong to the mustard family of plants and are well known for their gas-causing properties. They’re also renowned for being extremely good for you. “They contain phytochemicals and other nutrients that may help detoxify certain cancer-causing substances before they have a chance to cause harm in the body,” says Natalie Brown, a registered dietitian in White Rock, B.C.

Stuck on what to make with them beyond coleslaw? Try our cooking tips for great recipe ideas, and share your own in the comments.

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