10 ways to make comfort food healthy (1/13)

Want to boost the health quotient of your favourite foods without sacrificing flavour? Here are 10 easy ways to make comfort food more healthy

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Give your comfort food a makeover

Sad but true: comfort food tends to be unhealthy. The dishes are usually buttery, creamy, deep-fried—or otherwise high-cal, high-sodium and high-fat (sigh). But once temperatures drop—or we’ve had one heck of a bad day at work—comfort foods such as casseroles, mac ‘n’ cheese and Sloppy Joes start sounding pretty good.


Here’s the good news: trim some fat here and add a bit of fibre there, and you can actually turn these diet busters into healthier dishes—without sacrificing taste. Here are 10 comfort food makeovers to add to your cookbook.

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