10 lunches that will help you lose weight

Sticking to a weight-loss meal plan doesn't have to mean munching celery all day long. Here are 10 healthy'and delicious'lunch recipes that will help you lose weight

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Want to lose weight? Don’t skip lunch!

When you’re trying to shed pounds and maintain a healthy eating plan, lunchtime can be a real battle. Snacking on celery and ice cubes isn’t going to do the trick—you might think you’re on the right track to losing weight, but you’ll probably be pumping quarters into the vending machine by 3 p.m. The real weight-loss lunch secret? Eating healthy foods that will fill you up!


To keep your healthy diet on track, try these 10 tasty and good-for-you lunch recipes. Not only will they satisfy your hunger, but they’ll give you a boost of vitamins and nutrients, too. Bon appetit!

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