Exactly what to eat if you want to lose weight

Want delicious, nutrient-dense, wholesome foods that also help you lose weight? Here's what to have on hand to satisfy your hunger and burn maximum calories

Vitamin C grapefruit

Vitamin C

Have you heard that C is a fat-loss aid? Without optimal levels of certain micronutrients, like C, your efforts to stay lean and avoid belly fat are undermined.


Top food sources

Vegetables: Asparagus; bell peppers; broccoli; broccoli rabe; Brussels sprouts; cabbage; cauliflower; collard, mustard and turnip greens; escarole; garlic; kale; kohlrabi; onions; peas; spinach; squash; sugar snap peas; sweet potatoes

Fruits: Cantaloupe; grapefruit; kiwi; lemons; limes; mango; oranges; papaya; pineapple; raspberries; strawberries; tomatoes

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