8 foods for a flat belly (2/9)

Eat as much as you want of these foods without worrying about gaining weight


Vitamin-rich greens

Calories: About 60 cal-ories per cup (250 mL).

Nutrients: Deep-coloured greens (kale, collards, Swiss chard) are nutritious and low calorie; experts consider them among the most healthful foods on the planet. Greens are high in fibre and are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Danger: Restaurants often load their greens with butter, bacon or cheese. Limit those, and they’ll remain healthy.

Ideas: For a tasty soup, chop and simmer them for an hour in water or low-sodium chicken broth with chopped onions, garlic, a splash of vinegar and lots of pepper. Sautéing greens is also good, but go easy on the oil.

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