6 foods you didn’t know contained gluten (1/8)

Think anything that isn’t bread, pasta or cake is gluten-free? Guess again!

By Patricia D’Amato

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Suprising sources of gluten

Those who have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity know the importance of reading labels. Some foods that appear to be left without a trace of gluten are in fact filled with this common allergen. Next time you're at the grocery store, make sure to read product labels carefully and stay alert when it comes to munching on seemingly harmless foods.

To help consumers better identify gluten-free products, Health Canada approved a regulation that came into effect in August 2012, stating that all packaged products need to be visibly identified with any allergens. The regulation calls for “clearer language and the declaration of otherwise ‘hidden’ allergens, gluten sources and sulphites” to help consumers better identify what’s hiding in those sometimes hard to read labels.

We checked with registered dietitian, Andrea D’Ambrosio, to get the skinny on some favourite foods that are commonly mistaken as gluten-free.

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