Our best mushroom soup recipes

Love those mushrooms? Dip into our best luscious mushroom soup recipes

Our best mushroom soup recipes

Source: Web exclusive: September 2008

There’s nothing like a hot soup or hearty chili to take the chill out of a fall or winter afternoon. Take comfort in these delicious mushroom soup recipes.

Barley-Mushroom Ragout
More filling than a barley-mushroom soup, this is a stick-to-the-ribs vegetarian stew.

Crab and Black Mushroom Soup
An exotic spin on a traditional mushroom soup.

Cream of Mushroom Soup
This is a superb, creamy mushroom soup that can start off a festive dinner party of holiday celebration.

Fresh and Dried Mushroom Soup
Dried porcini mushrooms are a smart substitute for pricey fresh porcini in this flavourful soup.

Golden State Mushroom Soup
Fresh mushrooms make all the difference in this luscious soup.

Meatball Mushroom Soup
This creamy, super-thick mushroom soup is made heartier with meatballs, barley, macaroni and rice.

Meaty Mushroom Chili
For chilli lovers who don’t like beans, here’s a recipe that uses mushrooms instead to delicious effect.

Mushroom and Chive Soup
This delightful and refreshing vegetarian mushroom soup is a wonderful starter for a special dinner or a festive lunch.

Mushroom and Winter Vegetable Soup
Cabbage and mushrooms, two nutrient-rich foods, team up in this hearty, healthy vegetarian soup that goes well with thin dark rye or pumpernickel toast.

Mushroom-Barley Soup
This nutritious mushroom soup is even more flavourful if made ahead of time and reheated just before serving.

Mushroom Soup
The earthy flavour of the large, dark mushrooms in this soup is given a lift by garlic, parsley and mace. It has a deep, smoky colour and a rich taste that needs no cream to enhance it.

Mushroom Soup with Onion
A simple meal. Use an assortment of mushrooms to make a soup like this more interesting.

Mushroom Soup with Peppers
This lovely one-pan mushroom soup is on the table in a matter of minutes.

Wild Mushroom Soup
A mixture of fresh mushrooms is good for making this quick, woodsy-tasting soup.

What’s your favourite way to prepare mushroom soup? Share it with other readers in the comments below.

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