Our best healthy stew recipes (1/6)

Curl up with a bowl of healthy, comforting stew to keep you warm during the cold winter months


Lentil-Tomato Stew with Browned Onions

This hearty vegetarian lentil-tomato stew makes a great main course, is rich in dietary fibre, and offers more than 300 percent of the daily recommended intake for beta carotene.

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Chilling with nutritious melons

It’s hot’very hot’in my downtown neigbourhood these days (and forecast to last the week). But for me steamy weather means one thing’it’s watermelon season!A thick red slice of watermelon makes a perfect hot afternoon snack, or a container of cantaloupe chunks a great ‘dessert’ for lunch (although local ones won’t be available at my farmers’ […]


News: Liver and thyroid cancer rates on the rise

Cancer is already the leading killer in Canada, accounting for 30 percent of all deaths, and now new information released by Statistics Canada shows an increase in the prevalence of certain cancers.The report found the five-year prevalence rate for all types of cancers combined rose 2.1 percent per year from 1997 to 2008. Liver and […]


Substance Abuse

Drug misuse is the taking of drugs that can harm health, make it hard to function socially, or are simply illegal. Substance abuse can lead to physical or psychological dependency on the drug, and may be a sign of other behavioural problems.


News: Alzheimer’s detected years before symptoms

Alzheimer’s is a scary disease’one that creeps up without warning, making it difficult to treat.But a new study might give people the extra time they need to be treated for the debilitating disorder.The study, published in The Lancet Neurology, found that young adults at genetic risk for Alzheimer’s show signs of the disease years before […]