Our best healthy meatless recipes (1/12)

These healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes pack lots of protein, vegetables, and most importantly - flavour

stuffed peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Start dinner off with these spicy, iron-packed peppers. This recipe is low-fat and healthful.

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Potential dangers of canned goods

I’ve been buying Eden canned goods for the last little while, since reading in the Nutrition Action Healthletter that Eden’s cans don’t contain bisphenol A (BPA) –with the exception of their canned tomatoes. But I still have a cupboard full of canned soup, peaches, Zoodles that are probably brimming with the stuff.As we reported in […]

Sex toys in Ottawa

There’s a new debate bubbling up in Canada’and I’m not talking about the argument that the government should actually, you know, govern. No, I’m talking about the quiet debate that’s begun about sex toys’and whether or not they should be regulated by the government.On December 15, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, the MP representing Toronto’s St. Paul’s […]


Debate: Middle-age women shouldn’t wear bikinis

Or so says a survey of 2,000 women in the UK. According to this report in the Daily Mail, most of the women polled for this highly unscientific survey conducted by the UK-based weight-loss program Diet Chef say that not only would they feel uncomfortable wearing a bikini after the age of 47, but they’d […]


DIY nail art: Tropical palm trees

  While you may be sipping that Singapore Sling in a tiny backyard, your tips can at least make it look like you’re lounging in the tropics. Essie lead nail artist, Rita Remark, created this look those of us who aren’t able to escape to the islands this summer. Here’s how you can DIY: From […]