2 weeks of healthy dinner ideas (1/15)

Save time during busy weeks with our two-week menu planner, designed by a dietitian

healthy dinner ideas

How to use the Best Health menu plan

According to a survey by the Dietitians of Canada, 70 percent of us say we need more time, ideas or planning to get supper on the table. Having a weekly menu is the answer, but fewer than 10 percent of Canadians are actually organized enough to map out their weekly dinners in advance. In reality, 40 percent of us plan dinner on the same day or—yikes—even at the last minute.


This two-week dinner planner is designed to help take some of the stress out of mealtimes. Based on the latest nutrition recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide, each weekly dinner menu includes at least two fish recipes plus plenty of veggies and whole grains. Since the Food Guide also encourages us to eat beans, lentils and tofu often, there are also a few vegetarian options. Each recipe feeds at least a family of four.


Download our grocery list of the ingredients you’ll need.

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